The Terrain Modeling of Steve “Kamloopian” Delaney

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The Terrain Modeling of Steve “Kamloopian” Delaney

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I’ve written about the amazing terrain, model building, and scenery work of Steve Delaney before. Here’s what I said about him a couple of years ago:

Years ago, I got really into Warhammer 40,000, the tabletop miniature sci-fi wargame. I quickly found myself more into painting and converting the miniatures and building the terrain than in playing the game itself. I even ran a website for modeling and conversion for a few years. I’m starting to feel the itch again and so have been checking out lots of modeling and terrain sites and videos. YouTube didn’t exist when I was in the hobby the first time, so it’s great to see all of the modeling and terrain-building how-tos available now. One guy’s website and videos I’m really liking are Steve Delaney’s (“thekamloopian” on YouTube). He’s this very laid back Canadian who says “Eh?” a lot and sort of mumbles his way through his numerous funky, but informative, how-to videos. He’s really good at buildings and terrain modeling and has tons of great tips and techniques. Definitely worth bookmarking if you’re into tabletop gaming.

Steve is probably an acquired taste and the pacing of his videos (which would make a turtle shout: “Hurry up!”) and the no-production production can be maddening (faster-forwarding is a huge help here), but his chops as a modeler are undeniable and the knowledge, tips, and tricks you acquire in sticking with him are invaluable. The above still is from a 30-part(!) real-time video on how to create a wargame building ruin. I hung in there for all 30 parts. It was sort of like Andy Warhol’s Empire meets Bob Ross meets a Games Workshop Studio masterclass. I’ve built a number of these buildings before and I still learned a bunch. The embedded video above shows Steve’s approach to crafting miniature trees. And there are 320 more videos where these came from!

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