Virtual pilot video rig for R/C plane

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Virtual pilot video rig for R/C plane

Check out this awesome Google vid of a gyro-stabilized camera rig with a video headset for an R/C plane. It puts you in the cockpit and the camera moves around as you move your head. And most amazingly, it uses all off-the-shelf parts.

Bromont golf club – [via] Link

10 thoughts on “Virtual pilot video rig for R/C plane

  1. athousandleaves says:

    this looks awesome!
    i bet if he were to invert the X & Y he could mount the camera on the underside of the plane in a bubble and get some really awesome 360 views!

  2. ryborg says:

    Or invert the camera ;-)

  3. five_fingers says:

    That video has been floating around for a while. Still, very cool. There’s more info on First Person View RC piloting at this Wikipedia Page.

  4. wmac says:

    This is neat stuff, check out more at:

  5. 34will says:

    Is there an actual “tutorial/ how to” on how to do this? If there is can someone link it? :) pretty please

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