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SlCory Linden with some details on the Linux version of Second Life previewed at 22C3, the Chaos Communications Congress hosted by Germany’s Chaos Computer Club in Berlin. “What made this talk especially exciting was that it was the first public showing of the Second Life client on Linux. On a laptop that arrived the day before leaving. With a version of the client that Icculus’ finished while I was waiting to board my flight our of SFO. With an ATI card.” Link. One step closer to having an embedded /appliance like VR device. And lastly, don’t forget to visit our area in world and try out a 3D version of MAKE.

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  1. c0rpse says:

    Every time I read these MAKE virtual world posts I get depressed. I am a teen grid refugee. LL had an amnesty week and they switched over any teens that came fourth without reprocussions. I only got to the the MAKE land once in its early stages. But if you guys want to meet a really cool MAKEer type person checkout Deevyde Maelstrom’s science area. He is one of the inventors of Portal Wars if anyone has heard of it. Tell him Rafiki McCoy says hi.

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