Weekend Project: $10 Pseudoscope

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Weekend Project:  Pseudoscope

Build an amazing optical toy that plays tricks on your brain.

Build an amazing optical toy that plays tricks on your brain.
Thanks go to Rob Hartmann for the original article in MAKE, Volume 05.
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The $10 Pseudoscope MP4 click here or subscribe in iTunes.

Check out the complete $10 Pseudoscope article in MAKE, Volume 05 “$10 Pseudoscope”
and you can see that in our Digital Edition.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Project: $10 Pseudoscope

  1. Tomas Watkins says:

    I really appreciate your effort and innovation, but i almost feel like all of your weekend projects are completely useless. Bri Pettis taught me how to build my own GPS, build a bicycle from garbage, and make a backpack from the garbage bag. All i have learned from you is I can make a para scope to look over my shoulder and down my back and into my ass crack, then shoot a smoke ring up there and then use the lie detector watch to verify to my friends that i am telling the truth when i tell them the story of how i blew a smoke ring up my own ass.

    1. KipKay says:

      @ Tomas Watkins – Yes, some of the projects from the pages of Make Magazine are just for “the fun of it” while many, if not most, are actually very cool and useful. I’m just curious…have you watched all 50+ Weekend Projects I have done in the past year? The pseudoscope is not a periscope (I think that’s what you meant to spell correctly) but just an optical toy that creates a very interesting reverse optical illusion. I don’t think it could be used to suggest what you intend to do with it plus glass can be very sharp in those sensitive areas. Thanks for the comment.

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