Weekend Project: Ultimate LED Fan Sign

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Here is the ultimate sports fan item, a portable Flashing LED Sign.
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56 thoughts on “Weekend Project: Ultimate LED Fan Sign

  1. Tim says:

    Way cool man! And easy as well!

  2. . says:

    This is the first project I kind of liked from you it’s simple but has a nice effect to it.

    Also it seems like the S is upside down on the sign :P

  3. David S says:

    I’ve got to say I’m really impressed with the quality and number of projects you put out.

    1. KipKay says:

      @David S – Thanks! I always have fun doing them and hope others will too!

  4. csalzman says:

    Kipkay, that is amazing! Love your projects, keep up the great work.

  5. The Oracle says:

    I’m not a fan of taking signs to games, but if you’re going to do it, that’s doing it in style. Great project.

    1. KipKay says:

      @ The Oracle – I agree! I’ve never taken a sign to a game in my life but parading around with this one was so much fun! Glad you like the project.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hahaha.. Thats pretty funny — nice affect, too!

    ok, side note about this commenting system. Anyone else have a problem with the comment textarea disappearing and then reappearing? It’s crazy annoying, and it happens EVERY time I try and leave a comment.

  7. Bobby says:

    i totally saw you on TV during the Rays game! great sign! so how much were the offers for the sign?

    1. KipKay says:

      @Bobby – I did get some news coverage but did not see me at all on the actual game on WTBS. No one offered any dollar amounts because this thing is priceless!

  8. it-tip.ru says:

    very nice

  9. Brian says:

    What is the part number for the relay that you used?

    1. KipKay says:

      @Brian – The one that was used was an NEC MR62-12FSRY, found in the spare parts bin.

  10. Brian says:


  11. Mark says:

    is there a kit i can buy for the flashing circuit, or can you tell me all i need to build it?

  12. Damian says:

    Yes, can you please furthermore explain the flashing circuit. That is where I get lost.

  13. javapda says:

    This is a great project! Thanks Kip.
    @Damian, @Mark – you can see the project on the following Instructables page


  14. sniper168 says:

    I’ve tried searching for your NEC circuit with not much luck. Can you recommend another one to work the same maybe from Radio Shack or the like?

  15. Rose Gleichowski says:

    This project is exactly what I need! I’m a cheer coach and our team is trying to make signs to lead the crowd that light up! I’m going to attempt this project by still have a few questions.

    1. Exactly what type of LED’s should I get? Any suggestions of where to get them so that I get the correct item? I’ve seen plenty of them on strings, but am not sure where to get the individual lights.

    2. Any suggestions to make the sign as light as possible with no sharp corner or edges. I’m thinking of trying it on the flexible foam board with a simple backing.


  16. sniper168 says:

    I haven’t heard back from Kip yet, but I’ve ordered a flashing LED kit from a company named Jame Co Electronics (www.jameco.com, 1355 Shoreway Rd, Belmont, CA 94002 1800-831-4242 M-F 6:30am-5:00pm PST)
    The flashing circuit (JameCo catalog# 147580, Manufacturer part#MK102) comes in a kit which you have to put together yourself. It is VERY easy and has very clear instructions in the package.
    What this does is makes the two led lights on the circuit board flash at whatever variable speed you adjust it to.
    The problem I am having is that when I connect the KIPKAY led sign that I built to the flashing circuit that I built, it won’t flash.
    I’m trying to get this little flashing circuit to make my KIPKAY led sign flash. But it won’t. I have KIP’s led sign all daisy chained together into one positive and one negative line.
    1) My KIPKAY led sign directly to 9v battery lights up great (steadily)
    2) My KIPKAY led sign to the flashing circuit board (soldered + led sign wire to + post of the flashing circuit led light and – led sign wire to – post of the flashing circuit led light) does NOTHING.


  17. Bill says:

    Great project.

    Could one cheat and use miniture Christmas lights instead of the leds if we carried a portable power pack?

  18. Zaid says:


    what kind of LEDs did u use… can you give us the Part number for the LEDs… ?!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this tutorial. I’ve been looking for one for years. But I must mention that your Rays sign is definitely not the world’s first LED fan sign. Lots of Asian fangirls have been making their own years before, which is how I first discovered LED fan signs (specifically Korea).

  20. Dan says:

    Hi KipKay,

    I made a LED fan sign based on your design for the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA basketball team. I posted pictures, video, and schematics on my home page:


    Thanks for the project video!


    1. KipKay says:

      @ Dan – Wow! That’s a great job! I love it when people pull off great examples of our projects. Well done!

  21. Rob Hillyard says:


    where can i get hold of one of the circuits with the relay in it?

  22. Marc Hache says:

    Hi, I realize this is an old project but I’m just starting out in electronics and would really like to build this (and try to understand how it works).

    Any more info on what kind of relay was used  and how it was hooked up  to the transistors and the flashing letters ?


  23. synergysigns says:


  24. Rommel Gerardo says:

    What relay did you used in this project?

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