These 6 Pipe Shelf Ideas Are Plumb Cool

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These 6 Pipe Shelf Ideas Are Plumb Cool

One thing most shelves and storage units have in common is that they’re constructed with mostly right angles. Generally, round pieces (especially those with threads showing) are avoided.

These relatively easy storage units eschew this paradigm by prominently featuring round metal piping and the necessary fittings in their design. Two are entirely made of fittings!


Shiny Decorative Shelving Unit

One of the nicest looking storage units on this list, these three shelves are held up by four anchor points. The pipes used are a nice shade of silver, and the planks that (for now) hold a modest number of decorations use a relatively dark stain to offset this color.

[via Reddit]


Pipe Entertainment Center

If three small shelves aren’t really your style, why not instead build an entire entertainment center using wood and pipe? Black pipe instead of silver is used here, as well as a lot more wood. The results appear quite functional, producing room for a massive DVD collection, a fish tank, and even a small set of kettlebell weights!

[via Reddit]

Got some brass couplings

Pipe Desk

If pipes can be used to make shelves, then why not a desk? The correct answer, as verified by this pipe-desk project, is “no reason at all.” The instructions there advise one to wash the pipes, as they “are likely extremely dirty and covered in grease and filth.” A good “tip” for any of these builds.

Note the valves used in this desk, a unique feature on this list, but one that could act as decoration for other pipe-builds.


Pipe Shoe/Book Rack With Minimal Parts

While most of the shelves on this list use some sort of non-pipe flat surface to actually support their loads, this set of shelves uses only pipe and a wall to balance shoes or books. Whatever is held on these pipes balances between that and the supporting wall. A neat-looking build, but I could definitely see myself dropping something on occasion with this setup.


Shelving Wall Unit Made of Pipe

This storage unit, reminiscent of the first two shelf assemblies above, is possibly the most practical storage solution on this list. It may not hold quite as much as the entertainment center, but it would look really good in a garage or laundry room.


Diesel Punk Wine Rack

For another “shelf” using only pipe parts, this wine rack makes a nice ending to this list. Bottles are elegantly tilted forward to present bottles for consumption or observation. Interestingly, I’m not (wasn’t) that familiar with the term “dieselpunk,” but it seems to describe this rack quite nicely.

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