6 Sci-Fi Cat Dwellings That Let Your Pet Make a Giant Leap for Feline-kind

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If you own a cat, you likely have no idea what he really does all day. It probably involves chasing other animals and string, or general lounging around. You could build a “normal” cat dwelling like those seen here. With these Sci-Fi builds, however, they can at least dream about flying around in space or battling evil aliens on distant planets.

AT-AT Cat Condo


Although AT-AT vehicles from Star Wars aren’t exactly known for “exploring,” I could picture a cat driving one, gunning down woodland creatures that have taken shelter in a trench system they’ve dug into the snow. On the other hand, this one apparently has a bar inside, so perhaps it’s meant for more peaceful purposes.



For fans of Dr. Who, a TARDIS spaceship/time machine/phone booth for a cat to lounge around in probably makes a lot of sense. This model is quite well finished on the outside, though fans may note that the inside in the actual science fiction show doesn’t feature various carpeted cat perches.



As seen on Bit Rebels, here’s an AT-ST walker. Though Chewbacca always seemed like more of a dog-being than a cat, this picture definitely reminds me of the scene in Episode VI, when Han’s furry companion takes over a walker.

Another Cat AT-ST

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Here’s another version of the cat AT-ST, seen in the Bit Rebels link above. Although not quite as detailed as the first, if you’re wondering how a cat actually interacts with something like this, here’s the video.

Star Trek Cat Tree


If your cat enjoys Star Trek more than Star Wars, then this Enterprise/Bird of Prey combo might be suitable for its adventures. With lots of PVC pipe parts, this should be an interesting project for a cat’s human counterpart!

Deep Space 9 Tree


Whatever you thought about Deep Space 9 as a show, it’s hard to argue that the station at least is interesting as a cat fort. Although epic, I didn’t see any instructions for the build, so cat-Trekkies will have to use slightly more ingenuity to replicate something like this!

[via Bit Rebels]


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