7 DIY Cat Houses You Can Make in a Weekend

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Cats may appear to be independent creatures. Unlike dogs, who generally need some soft of interaction with humans at least daily, cats can be left to their own devices for days without skipping a beat. Regardless, they still need a place to rest, and these builds should do the trick nicely!

Jimmy DiResta’s Cat Temple

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At the time this “house” was made, DiResta has just obtained “Spike” the cat in a deal involving the contents of a wood shop. As he looks like an emperor lounging around, his house is made in the appropriate Greco-Roman style.

Your House, Now for Cats

If you love cats, you could build a house or cat tree for them. If you’re Greg Krueger, you instead make your entire house into a cat maze.

Crocheted Cat Cave


When you think about shelter, crocheting probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. This proves to be an exception to the rule, and seems to work well in indoor environments. You can check out plans for this cloth contraption here.

Outdoor Cat House from a Plastic Box

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If you value function above form for your cat abode, this plastic cat shelter might be for you. The clever design is simply a plastic box, stacked inside of a larger plastic box, with insulation in between. A PVC pipe fitting installed as a door. As simple as it is, it should be able to stand up to the elements nicely.

Styrofoam Cat House

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If you thought the plastic box cat house was cost-effective, this Styrofoam cooler might actually make that one look expensive! As an added bonus, the parts for this house apparently come with a set of steaks!

Cardboard Cat House


Another cost-effective cat dwelling, this cone-shaped cat house actually looks quite stylish. The instructables article for it uses a knife to cut each layer, though a laser cutter could also be used.

Cat Bookshelves and House


Cats seem to like bookshelves, so it seems only fitting that these are made with a cat in mind. Several shelves form a sort of stairway up to a box for the cat (Moe) to hang out in (or on). Finishing this build off is a suspension bridge from the last bookshelf to the house. Moe was leery of the bridge to begin with, but now uses it without hesitation to get to his perch.

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