Basement kegerator with kitchen tap

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Basement kegerator with kitchen tap

Ryan Fuchs of Minneapolis knows how to live! He converted a small fridge into a kegerator, then built this neat dispenser to serve it up. The catch? The kegerator is in the basement, and the dispenser is in his kitchen.

Once the new beer was coupled and the temperature stabilized, I tried the first beer at the recommended CO2 pressure of 14 psi. It poured nicely with a little foam initially, but quickly calmed down as the small volume of warm beer came out. A little fiddling with the pressure to get a good pour rate and carbonated taste resulted in setting the pressure at 16 psi for my system and keeping the beer at a strict 38 degrees. Now the first pour is about half foam, but if we’re drinking a few beers, then the system quickly settles down and pours consistently good glasses with a good head.

Now that the system bugs were worked out, I made a fancy tap handle — in the shape of a pug, of course. :) The bar is now considerably upgraded and we’re enjoying fresh tap beer at the touch of the handle.

Ryan’s write-up has tons of pictures and a description of the entire build.

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