Cabinet Made Out of Reused Plastic Crates

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Cabinet Made Out of Reused Plastic Crates

A clever and beautiful reuse of plastic industrial crates: making an awesome storage system! Created by Mark van der Gronden, the “crates cabinets” are sold by Lensvelt.

The series of cabinets, Krattenkast (crates cabinet), is a simple design concept: a steel frame with multicoloured, second hand crates, which act as drawers in the steel construction.
Although each crate is a different colour, height and has differently designed ribs, the measurements of the base are the same as the crates. Due to the indiscriminate stacking of the crates, a cabinet with three or four crates can have the same height as a pile of five. The colour and design of every Krattenkast is unique, because the collection of the crates varies continuously and there also seems to be an endless number of different models of crates.

4 thoughts on “Cabinet Made Out of Reused Plastic Crates

  1. ChrisW says:

    I wonder where they find so many sizes and colors of used crates which all have the same footprint. Also, remember to take a picture of your unique design or you may never get them back together again!

  2. VanTiki (@VanTiki) says:

    I’d LOVE to get one of those in my studio workshop – but I’ll have to build my own, as they are a tad pricey for me (€ 3,445 for the model pictured). Fantastic idea.

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