Flatpack cardboard high chair

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Flatpack cardboard high chair

I just can’t get enough flatpack.

The Belkiz Feedaway is a cardboard portable feeding chair that can be used for temporary situations or where space is at a premium. It is cardboard, easy to assemble for toddlers up to 20 months of age up to 20kg who are away from home. Ideal for temporary and commercial use, the Belkiz Feedaway is safe, strong, folds up easily and quickly and stores away in a tiny space. Ideal for mobile and modern lifestyles.

What do you think, readers? A silly concept that would never work, or is there a cool idea here? [via Inhabitat]

16 thoughts on “Flatpack cardboard high chair

  1. Papa Smurph says:

    I would hope that it’s made of heavy duty cardboard, and also that it’s wax coated or has some form of waterproofing.

    All in all it looks to me like an awesome idea, if the price is right. These would be great for like a restaurant or someplace that needs highchairs but only every now and then. Also, they are easily disposable, in case they get totally trashed!

  2. gekizai says:

    They should print this up to make it look like a giant Chinese take-out carton. Fits in with the food theme.

  3. Ross Hershberger says:

    It could be made of corrugated plastic like heavy duty document boxes. That would be equally packable, durable, washable and reusable. Downside: plastic versus renewable/recyclable paper product.

  4. Flatpack cardboard high chair jktechwriter says:

    As a parent of a toddler, I love this idea. Not knowing the cost, however, I would like to offer some thoughts:

    1. It looks a bit low – most parents want the high-chair to be up at least as high as the tabletop

    2. Some fast-food high chairs are disgusting… a lot of parents would rather hold their baby than put them in some of the nasty plastic chairs out there… use this! If the cost is low enough, restaurants could charge a modest fee for a disposable chair that is also recyclable… I’d be willing to pay a few extra dollars to a restaurant for a clean high-chair that I also know is going to be recycled.


  5. http://openid.aliz.es/object-sympathy says:

    I would not trust my child in such a device. It would have to be very proven. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this weaken if it got wet (restaurant/wet kids).

  6. Ln says:

    it’s too low for restaurant use. Could be great for camping. Anyplace where a chair is available, I’d rather have a folding booster seat that straps to the chair- why carry around more structure than absolutely necessary? There’s no reason this concept couldn’t be modified to do that. With that change, I think it’s a great idea.

  7. Marc Davenport says:

    Looks like the modern child of Papanek & Hennessey’s cardboard car seat. Particularly with copy like “Ideal for mobile and modern lifestyles.”

  8. Alan says:

    There appears to be a distributor getting ready to sell these in Australia, for AU$40 apiece. See http://styledbaby.com.au/store/WsDefault.asp?One=251 for the details. Adjusting for the currency exchange, that’s about twice what a plastic booster seat costs at my local Buy-N-Large, so this flat-packed cardboard version can’t compete on price. However, it might be easier to carry around, and of course there’s the undeniable cool factor.

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