GPS-enabled curb-mining experiment

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GPS-enabled curb-mining experiment

Making The Real Good Tracker

Providence, RI-based Tellart outfitted ten chairs with GPS trackers. The chairs were left on the curb for people to pick up. After people took the chairs home, the sponsor of this project (Blu Dot) tracked their new owners down down and interviewed them.

From Tellart:

Blu Dot and Mono, a branding consultancy in Minneapolis, approached us andSupermarche to help with a project to celebrate the one-year anniversary of their showroom in SoHo, NYC. They would do an experiment on “curb mining.” 25 Real Good Chairs would be placed around New York City. 10 of them would contain concealed GPS tracking technology. Each would be picked up by a random passerby, who in turn would be pursued on foot and on an interactive online map – all the while being filmed for a documentary to premiere at the anniversary celebration.

The Blu Dot Real Good Experiment


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  1. DougeFresh217 says:

    I wish I could be part of something like that. That was very cool, great job all around, great work of art! The video and the chair.

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