How-To: Put On A Duvet Cover ‘Magic Burrito Style’

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How-To: Put On A Duvet Cover ‘Magic Burrito Style’

After watching this magnificent display of duvet cover wrangling by Scott Culley I’ve decided that “Magic Burrito” is officially my favorite style of doing anything.

[via Laughing Squid]

7 thoughts on “How-To: Put On A Duvet Cover ‘Magic Burrito Style’

  1. Gatofante says:

    WOW! I HAVE to try this!!

  2. charisma says:

    this looks similar to the pillowcase method used when making pillow cases.

  3. Mark Andersen says:

    I have been using doonas almost all my life. The quickest and easiest way I have ever found is to turn your cover inside out. Reach in through the open end and grab the closed end corners and the corresponding corners on the doona and then give a good strong whole arm flick to the combo. The cover rolls down over the doona! the Donna gets a good fluffing up which improves its thermal properties and life too.. Very quick, very simple.

  4. finlaygray says:

    Fuck me
    I think I prefer my own screaming, crying and swearing version

  5. ivorybow says:

    Well, I tried, I really tried. But this method met its match with a Romanian plapuma, a quilt made from unwoven wool mats about 2 inches thick, with a satin, quilted cover. It will keep you warm at the North Pole. It weighs about 15 pounds. After I worked up a good sweat, I realized the Romanian plapuma beat the method.

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