Infinity-pool fish tank

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Infinity-pool fish tank

ZeroEdge Aquariums makes these groovy continuously-overflowing fish tanks. I’m afraid to ask what they cost, but it seems like a do-able remake.

zeroedge aquarium.jpg

8 thoughts on “Infinity-pool fish tank

  1. Ian Smith says:

    This would be easy to make yourself.. just need a pump and drill some holes in the bottom of an acrylic tank.

    Feeding would be a problem, all the food dropped onto the top would flow right off!

    Cleaning as well. Algae will grow on the outside of the tank which would require lots of manual cleaning. Usually you can get fish and other critters that will clean the inside of the tank for you.

    Better make sure you don’t have any climbing things or fish that link to jump.

    This is going to cause lots of evaporation too.

    On the plus side, the water should be getting LOTS of oxygen.

    Home made acrylic fish tanks are quite easy to make with practice. It’s a great material as you weld it together, not just glue it.

  2. says:

    Maybe for an aquaponic set up this could really help with the fecal matter problem… and keeping the water at oxygenated as a previous poster noted… evaporation is a problem but not if you are an area with lots of available cheap water… :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is not a setup for fish. The local fish store has one that is used exclusively for corals, because when fish are put in they fall over the edge into the sump.

  4. Irons says:

    As noted, this would be a maintenance headache. I suspect detritus would build up in that trough. In a salt tank I suspect you will get small gaps in the water flow over the sides that will develop scale build.

    Their site lists the sump as $300, but without any specs. I am a skeptic of all things “shiny” without specs.

    I wonder how well this idea would translate into a fresh water planted tank with invertebrate only.

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