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I’m sure we’ve all thought, hey, wouldn’t it be cool to have a screen overhead while we laid down on a couch or bed. YouTube user dim3m thought so, too, and went on to build an iPad wall mount stand using a VESA TV mount, some acrylic, clipboard clips, some PVC tubing, and a set of cheap speakers for about $40. [Thanks, Sean!]

6 thoughts on “iPad wall mount

  1. feisty_robot says:

    I love the MAKE blog and appreciate all the hard work that goes into curating it. However, can we cool it on the iPad stand posts? They’re generally not that interesting (oh wow, you.. propped something up. Congrats!) but worse, they are more or less free advertising for the iPad, a device which is diametrically opposed to everything MAKE-erlike. It’s closed hardware, closed source, created by a very anti-Maker-ethos company, and enables a horrible “you don’t own anything” culture that is slowly destroying the public sphere. Am I overreacting? Sure. But when there’s so much interesting making that’s going on out there that DOESN’T require a $800, locked-down gadget which will become landfill in a year, it seems misguided to pay attention to iPad stands.

    1. Simon says:

      Personally, I agree with you. I normally wouldn’t say anything though (actually I did once) and just shrug off the ‘yet another stand for the iPad’ posts. Make can run what they like and I don’t have to read what I don’t find interesting. These days if I see something like this I just mentally substiture ’24cm by 19cm plank of wood’ instead of iPad and generally the post works just as well (anyone remember Ren and Stimpy and ‘Log’)?

      Oddly enough though I did post in another blog today about Make blog and happened to mention the rather lame (in my opinion of course) iPad posts so it was funny to then read this.

      Anyway, I agree the iPad is the very antithesis of Maker thinking and I just wanted to add my support to your comments.

      Apple certainly isn’t what it used to be back in the days of Woz. Now there is a Maker!

  2. Adam Flaherty says:

    Typical Makers love a challenge. That’s what technology is all about, isn’t it? Overcoming a challenge through ingenuity, right? I see the iPad and all iProducts as a challenge. Learn to look past preconceived notions of what something is and overcome the challenges to obtain the goal.

    Let’s focus on dim3m’s cool adaptation, please.

    BTW, love the ironic “Kenner Bionic Bigfoot” ad you’ve got for a profile pict. You are indeed ‘that guy’.

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