Lamp brightens as heated oil melts, clarifies

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Lamp brightens as heated oil melts, clarifies

The Slow Glow lamp, by NEXT architects for trendy Dutch design collective Droog, is a really simple, cool idea: The bulb is surrounded by a blob of a low-melting point oil (soya oil) that clarifies as the bulb melts it and thus causes the light to gradually brighten over the course of a couple hours after it is turned on. As you can see, it’s just a cork ring, a lamp kit with a tubular bulb, and a few bits of lab glass. But they want $790 US for it from their online store. Which, by the way, is one of those annoying pages that disables right-clicking. Gonna add this one to my personal re-make pile.

4 thoughts on “Lamp brightens as heated oil melts, clarifies

  1. alexsmith says:

    Right-clicking seems to work using Firefox 3.5.9 on Ubuntu.
    I see no need to attempt to prevent right-clicking on any web site.

  2. rahere says:

    Coconut oil has a lower melt point (c 30°C)
    Don’t forget to evacuate the air or the oil may turn rancid.

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