“Polaroid” mini-vase

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“Polaroid” mini-vase

From designer Jung Hwa Jin, the “Polaroid Flower Vase:”

…a small planter that recalls the nostalgic form of polaroid, with the plant becoming the focus of the “picture.” The planter is suspended with a clothespin on the end of a cord, with a small embedded lamp illuminating its subject.

[Thanks, Ellie!]

4 thoughts on ““Polaroid” mini-vase

  1. chad says:

    looks real easy to remake with an led and a solar panel

    thinking of one of those led lit solar pathway lights and a white led or any color you want

    the solar panel could be mounted on the back or up high on the hanger and the rechargeable batts could be in the sides of the case and the led in the inside above the plant

    man i need to get to work i have a bunch of those path lights just waiting to be hacked up — hope the wife doesnt miss them!!!

  2. charlie says:

    can anyone tell me what the plant is. i’ve been growing a similar succulent, but it is green throughout. i really like the colouration of this.

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