Pour-Your-Own Concrete Tabletops

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Pour-Your-Own Concrete Tabletops

Georgia hackerspace Freeside Atlanta needed countertops, so they made their own with chicken wire and concrete, while referencing this instructable.

Freeside is a great space, but our kitchen could be charitably described as “needs work”. The countertops are old, difficult to keep clean, and just generally bad. What the heck, we’re a hacker space, right? Lets hack some countertops.

8 thoughts on “Pour-Your-Own Concrete Tabletops

  1. BrianScottWondertot says:

    There’s a company called ZipMixx (zipmixx.com) that makes a concrete mix with glass fibers built in to it for reinforcement so you wouldn’t have to mess with the chicken wire. I’ve made a concrete table and desk with their stuff. It is solid only an hour after pouring. If you want something other than concrete color they sell a dye that you can mix into the concrete to give it a different color.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We just built out a store and created concrete counter tops. We are fairly happy with it at this point, but we’re waiting for the right polisher to come in (they sent the wrong one the first time around). When they are finally finished, I’ll know if we want to do future counters the same way.

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