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Pyramid made from hundreds of beer cans will be trounced on super bowl sunday

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Pyramid made from hundreds of beer cans will be trounced on super bowl sunday

FOUNTAIN, an art installation by Brad Toemel, is an 8 foot tall pyramid structure consisting of assorted beer cans covered by a river of gold paint poured from the top, flowing down and outwards. Also included in the structure are tea light candles that illuminate the paint and give the piece a glowing aura.


10 thoughts on “Pyramid made from hundreds of beer cans will be trounced on super bowl sunday

  1. wha says:

    first off this doesn’t appear to be an installation at all. people often get confused about what that word means, but this is NOT an example of an installation. (google ann hamilton for a decent example of an installation – shes one of the more recognized installation artists)

    second what motivates make: to show some art over other art? ive seen a few examples of art here at make and nothing really has stood out as great with regard to form, concept, mastery of material…. etc. i am just wondering how make: chooses what to cover (or if there is a quality standard at all)

    art is strange. consider this: nobody ever claims to be a doctor who has not studied medicine (except in the case of a scam). nobody claims to be an engineer who has not studied mechanics, electronics, etc. often times though people claim to be an artist without having studied art at all, or without having any idea what it is about.

    im not saying that is the case with this artist… but his site offers no statement, explanation, or context for this work…

  2. easy says:

    he was looking at the overflowing recycle bins behind his frat house door and said to himself, we need to take this to the curb, but I’ll make a beer-a-mid first! Cool! I’ll just add a little gold paint and it will be art!

  3. timmaah says:

    I found out a while ago what is art and what isn’t art.. to me at least..

    It is the balls of the creator… if you have the balls to call it art.. its art..

    Personally I would be embarrassed to claim art on something like that.. thus my recycling is not “art”


  4. cyenobite2 says:

    Interesting topic.
    Agreed: art = strange.
    Until there is a definition that describes all of art, you’ll never be able to pin down the definition of an artist either.
    Medicine and mechanics, and electronics are all sciences that can be defined. Art is not a science. Different rules :)
    I will disagree though… I don’t think you have to study art, have an explanation, or a context for something to be considered art.

    Overall point taken though… Stack of cans – meh :)
    I have a feeling though…
    Turn off the lights, light the tea candles, and I’ll be the reflections on the white walls are pretty amazing, and I would classify that as art. The above photo probably doesn’t do it justice.

  5. rob0 says:

    If the photo doesn’t do it justice, was that the right photo? My 2 year old does a lot of nice art, heck some has gold paint – but I wouldn’t expect to see it on Make. Funny choice.

    The DIY digital picture frame seems more in keeping with the magazine, not a banal stack of beer cans.

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