Retro-Mod Speakers Made from Ikea Salad Bowls

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Retro-Mod Speakers Made from Ikea Salad Bowls


If you’ve ever lusted after those iconic B&W Nautilus speakers (which cost a staggering $60,000), you might be interested in this Ikea hacker’s homage to audio gear that no one can actually afford. Using Ikea salad bowls, Damir Paco of Denmark created these unique speakers. To build them, he used three different sizes of the BLANDA MATT bowls and four BAREN coat rack hooks for feet. The structure for the whole cabinet was built using fiberglass. Unfortunately, Damir did not document the build. He’s happy with the results but says the bass response is a little flatter than he would have hoped for.

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  1. ElKabong453 says:

    Back in the psychedelic ’60s I saw a pair of stereo light show accessories that connected to the audio RCA jacks and changed color and brightness with the rhythm, frequency (red for treble, green for midrange, blue for bass) and volume of the music. They were spherical like inverted goldfish bowls, transparent, approximately the size of volley balls and were filled with some kind of smoky fog or mist that diffused the light. I assume the input was processed via a tri-amped crossover circuit but I’ve never figured out how and of what the globes might have been constructed. Any ideas?

  2. Ross Hershberger says:

    This looks really cool. It’s very difficult to create audio gear that complements a home environment. As for the bass response, that’s a pretty small enclosure for the woofer. Often a large woofer needs a correspondingly large cabinet to reproduce the lowest notes it’s capable of. I’d have been inclined to try a smaller woofer with a bass port, which often works well in a smaller cabinet.
    And I’m stealing that coat hook idea for my next speaker build.

    1. Gareth Branwyn says:

      He says in some of the comments elsewhere online that he’s experimented with adding base ports, but he posted no pictures.


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