DIY Watering Can From a Plastic Milk Jug

DIY Watering Can From a Plastic Milk Jug
Plastic milk jug hack: Poke holes in the lid for an instant watering can!


This super simple hack of an old milk jug is perfect for a new gardener that hasn’t gone out and bought a $20 watering can yet. Just upcycle your old plastic milk jug by heating up a needle and poking holes in the lid so water can flow through. I love it! This tutorial comes from Astra of A Journey to a Dream (Ireland).

I’m also really digging the Nelson Mandela-print shweshwe fabric in the background of these photos! After a quick search, I found this sweet toddler dress on Etsy by Manoushka Kraal, made from the same fabric. It looks like the material is still available to purchase, if you poke around the internet.

img_nelson_madela fabric dress


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