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Our own operations manager, Rob Bullington, was excited to share his sister Laura’s latest garden creation. Laura Lee refined this planter idea she saw in the magazine Birds & Blooms.
The article describing “Tipsy Pots” was a little too vague and didn’t address some issues she had regarding irrigation, because the clay pots tended to dry out daily and the plants always look a little wilted at the end of the day. She also didn’t like the fact that the top of the pole was bare and this protruding metal was unsightly.
Here she offers a few more specifics:

To solve the irrigation issue, I am trying a drip system on the first set of pots, moisture pellets on the second, and for my third set of pots I am currently working on, I am going to spray the insides with a water repellent product to stop the loss of water.
To make the pots a little more attractive I am inserting a small birdhouse on the top of each one to cover up the metal pole. We have multitudes of birds in our area and they spend a great deal of time in my vegetable beds keeping the bugs away. This allows me to forgo pesticides.

Well done, Laura! Readers, what nifty planter creations have you come up with? Let us know about them in the Comments!

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