Got Livestock? Feed Them Hydroponically Homegrown Barley Sprouts

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Got Livestock? Feed Them Hydroponically Homegrown Barley Sprouts
“Our conclusions have so far led us to believe that our fresh salad bar offering will not only save money, but also be healthier.”

If you raise animals that graze, you’ll want to check this out.: There’s a post on Paca Pride Guest Ranch explaining how to turn 5lbs of barley grain into 25lbs of fresh, live sprouts in a very small hydroponic footprint.

Barley sprouts are a superior feed for ruminants that takes a small amount of grain and, via a hydroponic growing process, turns it into a highly digestible, fresh mat in 7-9 days giving a high yield in a very small footprint of space. This approach represents a reduction in feed costs as we change from a diet of dry hay and dry pelleted grain rations to a diet of  fresh greens supplemented with hay for fiber and roughage.

The grow room should be as clean as possible.


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