Greenhouse Built From Discarded Windows

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Greenhouse Built From Discarded Windows


Gardening can be a tedious experience, especially based on the region you live in. There are many steps, and just waiting for the right time of year can be a drag in itself. But not if you have a greenhouse.


Reddit user HrairooHare decided to build a greenhouse using old, discarded windows that a local business gives away when they replace new windows in their client’s homes. Once the amount of windows needed for the project had accumulated, the digging for the foundation began. HrairooHare states that the concrete was the most expensive part of the project, with 6 yds. coming in at around $900. After the concrete was laid out, the framing came next. To keep everything square, 6” x 6” corner posts were used with simpson ties with the band around the top and steel cables attached to the post. Next, using rafter clips, the roof went on, and then the cladding for the shed. Then came the fun part: window Tetris. Before starting the project, HrairooHare had laid all the windows out in a grid to get an idea of how to place them. To construct the walls of windows, 2×4’s were ran horizontally from corner post to corner post at the height of the window row with the windows screwed to them. Two coats of paint were used on the interior of the windows, and up at the top where the angled parts are, windows were made to fit in place using scrap wood and plexi. Last, a bright shade of canary yellow covered the exterior shed walls, and a custom sliding barn door was added for the opening. To read more about the project you can visit HrairooHare’s Reddit page here.

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