How To: Felt Wall Planter

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When I moved into my new house, I bought a few Woolly Pockets for a northern wall in the garden that probably gets a total of 10 minutes of sun each year. Nothing would grow there except ferns, and this is the perfect way to get some greenery onto the concrete. A friend came over and was oohing and ahhing, and during our internet search, we turned up this great tutorial for making your own DIY felt wall planters! (Above image of the plants growing into (and delightfully overflowing) the planter is from Uniform Natural’s Flickr set.)

4 thoughts on “How To: Felt Wall Planter

  1. ammieloris says:

    I ADORE this! Thanks so much.

  2. jenn says:

    Did the felt hold up? Just wondering if ti really is durable enough…did the roots brek through it? Loving this idea but don’t want to make a mess of my pool deck if felt isn’t the best idea…

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