Project: Nautical Planter

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Project: Nautical Planter

Mary Leigh Howell of Dig. Drop. Done. sends us this project idea to dress up a planter with just a few supplies. Check out the jump to learn how you can make this nautical accessory yourself.


  • Measure 1 piece of rope 23′ (ft) long for the top rim
  • Measure 2 pieces of rope 26″ (in.) each for the center ring
  • Wrap rope ends with scotch tape to deter fraying.

To Start Wrapping Rope

  • Add glue to one end of the rope, place glued end onto outside rim of the planter
  • Continue to add glue onto the planter, then gently press the rope onto the planter
  • Continue to glue and wrap rope around the planter 8 x around (or the height of your rim)

To Create Ring

  • Loop each end of rope to the ring
  • Center ring/rope onto planter
  • Add glue to back of loops and press onto planter. Hold in place for one minute

  • Continue to glue and wrap remaining rope around the planter