Grocery Bag Halloween Treat Bags


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I was motivated to make my own treat bags for friends after seeing a few at the store this weekend and realizing I’ve got a lot of paper bags that need to be recycled. With some strong glue, pinkers, and some decorative additions, you can make quick treat bags, of any size, for your favorite Halloween fans.
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I started out cutting the bag apart and smoothing it out. (I didn’t mind mine looking a little wrinkled.) I wasn’t too concerned about size since I wanted a variety to choose from.
Making the bag is like wrapping a gift. Fold over one side and then the other. Add some good-sticking glue. Fold each corner in, like the end of a present, and fold up. I pinked this edge on the back. Since you’re cutting through several layers of paper, you’ll need to glue any open flaps down.
I pinked the top of the bag and punched out some decorative paper for decorations.
Just a few minutes to make this one. It will take much longer to get the caramel apple pops out of my teeth…

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