How-To: Make a Woodland Love Shrine


CRAFT and Ilovetocreate present The Crafty Chica Love Shrine Challenge. This is the third in my series of three Love Shrine tutorials. Please join in the fun and create your own unique and personal shrine and add it to the challenge flickr pool. We have great prizes for the winners, but we all know the real prize is the love, right?
I live in the redwood forest. My home is a tiny cottage in a literal cloud forest. The ground is covered in vines and flowers, and there is wildlife all around me. I truly love my woodland wonderland. The lichen, bark and spring colors inspired this shrine, and I think it’s my favorite yet.



Paper ephemera
including magazines, photographs, cards
including figurines, tiles, beads, flowers, glitter
Glue stick
Hot glue gun


Step 1: Gather your materials and choose a box that will accommodate them. Find a container that is sturdy, and that has a bit of depth to it. For this shrine I chose a box that once contained stationary. When set on its end, the inside of the lid becomes a door that is its own surface for art.
Step 2: Add paper collage to the box. I used two postcards for the inside of the box, and some hydrangeas cut from the cover of a flower catalog. Cover the paper with glue and press it into place.
Step 3: Add dimensional elements and details. I hotglued a little bird to the back of a piece of bark. I added a green ribbon to the back and also attached some lichen to the hydrangeas on the lid of the box. The scene really took shape with the addition of the little vintage ceramic deer. I framed the entire thing with a dried turkey tail mushroom that I found in the forest.

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