How-To: Rolled Felt Scraps Rug


This fantastically graphic and colorful rug from Kristin Martha’s Crafts Department was made by hot gluing and rolling thinly cut strips of scrap felt tightly together. (scroll through the slide show on the page to see the how-to photographs) It’s a fairly simple process, but one that would take quite a bit of thought, time and energy. After all that, I think I’d rather hang it on the wall as art than let it get grubby!

2 thoughts on “How-To: Rolled Felt Scraps Rug

  1. ashleygraj says:

    Can you please change the copy of the post so it reads a that it is a craft from Kristin St. Clair of Martha’s Crafts Department. As it reads now, it is very confusing “Kristin Martha’s…”

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