How-To: Skeleton Hand Trick or Treat Bowl


The doorbell rings. There’s an adorable princess and her little brother dressed as a cowboy on your steps. You smile widely, then offer them some Halloween candy. They lean in to help themselves to the candy bowl, and unleash screams of giggles when a skeleton hand suddenly bursts up!
Turn the table on your trick-or-treaters this year with a skeleton hand surprise! Hide a hole in the back of a plastic candy bucket and attach a spooky glove. It’s easy enough that you have plenty of time to make the project today, before it gets dark!



Plastic candy bucket
Soldering iron or box cutter
White glove
Black sharpie
Duct tape


Step 1: Determine where you want the hole in your candy bucket. I was going to put my hole in the bottom of a wide bowl, but when I found the jack-o-lantern bucket, it made more sense to put it in the back.
Cut the hole wide enough for your hand and forearm to barely fit inside. The glove will be taped to the hole in order to keep candy from spilling out everywhere, so a snug fit is important.
Depending on the type of plastic you have, I would recommend two different tools for cutting. If the plastic is soft enough, you can easily cut it with the box cutter. In my case, the bucket is made from brittle plastic, so I used a hot soldering iron to melt the plastic and cut the hole. If you don’t have a soldering iron, try a heated nail.
Step 2: Draw simple bones onto the glove. Here’s the trick with drawing the bones- keep it simple and don’t over think it. Find a skeleton hand on the internet to use as a reference. Practice with the glove that you won’t be using, and when you are ready, use the sharpie to draw the bones on the palm of the glove.
Step 3: Place your hand in the glove, and then place your arm into the candy bowl. Reach up until your hand pops out of the bowl. Pull your arm out of the glove, and then tape the glove in place with the duct tape.
Step 4: Fill the bowl with candy, and when your doorbell rings, put your hand into the glove. Hold the bowl with your other arm wrapped around the front, to conceal your trick. Then, when they least expect it, BOO!

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