Interview with Gluey Gluerson, Felt Club Mascot



Gluey Gluerson is the mascot for LA’s cool craft fair, Felt Club where the big XL Summer event happens on July 15 at the Ukrainian Cultural Center (4315 Melrose Ave @ Heliotrope). Don’t miss your chance to meet Gluey in person and also nab some of the finest handmade goods from handbags and jewelry, baby gifts and paper products, clothing and housewares, one-of-a-kind plushies and original artwork. I was barely able to tear Gluey away from the TV set to give us the dish on why he’s sticking to his latest crafty gig.

Nat: How did you ever get this great gig as the Felt Club Mascot? I know Craftie tried to audition but didn’t make the cut. What makes *you* so special?

Gluey: It’s all because I was willing to put out on the casting couch. Or, as we call it in the craft biz, the “crafting couch”.

Nat: What’s life like for you in LA?

Gluey: It’s exactly like “The Beverly Hillbillies” but instead of moonshine and crawdads, there’s paint, pipe cleaners and pom-poms.


Nat: Word around the So Cal streets is that Gluey Gluerson is quite the Casanova. Jenny Ryan told me you tried to pick up on her Blythe dolls. What kind of pick up lines do you use?

Gluey: The line “You’re rubber, I’m glue!” is always an icebreaker…

Nat: I also see that you’ve been watching a lot of TV lately, drinking beers and watching “Judge Judy”. Ever get a chance to pick up the copy of CRAFT next to you?

Gluey: Sure…I need something to read during the commercials, after all! My only complaint? Not enough Gluey!

Nat: Ok, Gluey, lighting round: Which do you like better?

Construction Paper or Glitter?

Gluey: It’s hard to pick a favorite, this is such a “Sophie’s Choice” kind of question. So I’m going to think outside the box and say GOOGLY EYES.

Nat: Records or CDs?

Gluey: I refuse to answer.

Nat: Superman or Spiderman?

Gluey: Paste-Pot Pete!

Nat: Paris Hilton or Paris, France?

Gluey: Paris, France, mostly cuz they use terms like papier-mâché and découpage. It’s so dang classy!


Thanks Gluey for the great interview! We’ll see you soon at Felt Club XL Summer! (Gluey is pictured here with his boss-lady and BFF Jenny Ryan.)

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