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Shelly of Civil Bitch shows you how to knit your own unique ornament, a flying spaghetti monster, with her fun pattern. Link.

18 thoughts on “Knit Flying Spaghetti Monster Ornament

  1. Jess says:

    Cute, but the flying spaghetti monster is for atheists — and why would an atheist need a Christmas ornament?

  2. Justin says:

    Jess – Not atheists. Atheism is the absence of belief in deities. To answer your question I will quote an FAQ from the FSM website:
    Q: You are making God angry.
    A: I doubt it. If there’s a God, and he’s intelligent, then I would guess he has a sense of humor. And how do you know He is NOT a Flying Spaghetti Monster?
    As you can see, the flying spaghetti monster is just as likely to have created Christmas as God is.

  3. Jess says:

    My point is: Why would atheists bother celebrating Christmas or, more to the point, make an ornament to display on a Christmas tree, as shown above in the photo? It’s no different than any other day. Also, why wasn’t there a Flying Spaghetti Monster for Diwalli and other non-Christian religious holidays? It seems that the FSM is only brought out on Christian holidays.
    Just sayin’!

  4. Shelly says:

    I’m an atheist. I have a Christmas tree and wanted a FSM ornament for it. I celebrate Christmas because it’s a part of my family cultural celebrations. Not all of my family are atheists. We, remarkably, all get along and celebrate Christmas as a time to celebrate family.
    My little ornament isn’t meant to poke fun at Christianity. It’s to celebrate who I am – which is really what is on my Christmas tree anyway. It’s a family tradition to handmake ornaments. I still have ones from when I was a little girl.

  5. M says:

    Shelly, your ornament is amazing and I want a zillion of them, you are a genius.
    Christmas is a time for being with family and celebrating whatever your individual traditions are. You can or dont have to believe in “god” (or in some cases of people chose to believe in the FSM as their god) in order to celebrate. For some, christmas is not really a – we love god holiday, its more of a shopping frenzy see what store can sell the most, buy things for people we like, and have fun day.
    So atheist or not, we still celebrate Christmas for the hell of it. That is the answer to your question Jess. And as for other holidays, I see in the near future an easter bunny FSM….

  6. Justin says:

    I was just pointing out the incorrect use of the word atheist Just because you don’t believe in God doesn’t mean you’re an atheist. It means your a heathen and you’re going to hell ;-P
    Non-Christians celebrating Christmas is like non-Mexicans celebrating Cinco de Mayo.

  7. Jeffro says:

    FYI all – Christmas originally was a holiday or festival recognized by Pagans, Romans and other Europeans cultures to celebrate the Winter Solstice. “Christ” mass was created along, long time after the original celebrations began. In fact in the USofA XMAS was not even celebrated for over 200 years…therefore the FSM is a perfect choice to have on a XMAS tree, so is a bottle of rum.

  8. Mizlee says:

    I am atheist, and I LOVE CHristmas! What’s not to like? Pretty decorations, a yule log, and an indoor tree for a change of pace. These are all totally PAGAN artifacts, co-opted by Christians when the pagans just wouldn’t give up their Winter Solstice celebrations. Add to that great food, time with friends and family, maybe some parades and football, and presents. Don’t forget the presents. If Christians really want to celebrate the supposed birth of their supposed deity, they whould eschew all these pagan trappings, and just go to church and stop trying to make trouble for everybody else.

  9. Steve says:

    maybe someone could explain what God has to do with killing a tree, bringing it into your house, and putting gold plastic and strings popcorn on it. You know, because all holiday traditions apparently have to make perfect sense.

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