Large Scale Advent Calendar Project


More than a step-by-step tutorial, I like to hear about a crafter’s process in creating a new project. I love to hear the stories of how they brainstormed, sketched, scavenged and came up with solutions to their crafty dilemmas. Such is the case with Pam’s post over at Gingerbread Snowflakes as she shares her large scale advent calendar. She talks about tackling this project that has been in her head for almost a decade, and walks us through how she slowly took that idea and executed it, using mostly supplies she had on hand. She even shares some tips on a new favorite craft supply that you get at the hardware store! I love following her process, and she’s done a beautiful job of sharing not only the technical steps she went through to create the calendar, but also her loving story of how she was finally able to bring this back burner idea to fruition.