Like I Give a Frock Book Signing & Party in SF, July 13th + Book Giveaway

Like I Give a Frock Book Signing & Party in SF, July 13th + Book Giveaway

Likeigiveafrock Nyevent
Earlier this spring, I wrote a review about this beautiful and hilarious new book called Like I Give a Frock by Michi Girl and illustrated by Kat McLeod. It’s an art book that takes a humorous look into poking fun at fashion trends and faux paux.
If you are in the SF Bay Area, don’t miss Kat at the book signing and party next Monday, July 13th from 6:30-8:30pm at Candy Store (3153 16th Street) in San Francisco. There will be cupcakes, champagne, and limited edition prints for sale.
[For those of you in NY, Kat will be signing her book at Anthropologie in NY (85 Fifth Ave) this Wednesday, July 8th from 10am – 1pm. ]
Book Giveaway Time!
As a special treat for CRAFT readers, three lucky CRAFT readers are going to win a copy of Like I Give a Frock! Just leave a comment to this post and tell us a fashion faux paux you’ve ever done or seen! Make sure you enter in your email in the form field. (Won’t be published.) The deadline for entries are Wednesday, July 8th at Noon PST. The winner will be announced later this week on CRAFT.

98 thoughts on “Like I Give a Frock Book Signing & Party in SF, July 13th + Book Giveaway

  1. femmeknitzi says:

    I actually think the entire decade of the 80s was a fashion faux pas. Particularly the hair. Being older and wiser, now, my only fashion faux pas I recognize is wearing anything that doesn’t express who I am and make me feel fabulous.

  2. Desiree Coscia says:

    Awesome giveaway!! I made a fashion faux pas just this weekend… wearing a white dress with brightly printed undies!! Eepppp!

  3. Jennifer H. says:

    Oh man. I often find myself out and about wearing a black shirt and brown shoes…but in my defense, I have a 13 month old!

  4. Aibrean says:

    I tend to be a “wear what makes you comfortable” and I don’t really care about colors & time of year, so long as you don’t hurt my eyes type…..
    That said – undies that just too small…

  5. cola says:

    Huh. I think one of my worst fashion faux pas has to be accidentally going out in pants that were a little tight & having really, really visible pantie lines. Eeee.

  6. Julie says:

    My entire youth was a fashion disaster. Scrunch socks? Check. Mismatched earrings in crazy shapes? Check. Stretch pants and stirrup pants? Of course. And big hair? I was queen of the crimping iron!

  7. mgirl says:

    My entire childhood was a fashion faux pas. Mother only allowed collared shirts, cardigans, and skirts. It was my uniform in and out school. I didn’t wear t-shirt and jeans until … COLLEGE!

  8. Chelsea S says:

    I committed a fashion faux paux back when Ugg boots were all the rage, I would wear them with a miniskirt during the summer… in FLORIDA. Sweaty, stinky feet are never a good fashion statement

  9. Suzy says:

    I would agree that the entire 80’s was a faux-pas; sadly they’re back and just spotted a teen wearing what I would have considered to be one of my greatest faux-pas: Oversized/torn sweatshirt over leggings with matching socks, hair scrunchie, sunglasses and plastic jewelry – only the teen’s accessories weren’t dayglow.

  10. stlphotogal says:

    I think the early 90’s may have been more full of faux pas than the 80’s – hammer pants, skidz, IOU’s…my largest fashion faux pas occured in middle school when my zipper busted out of my favorite guess jeans mid way through the day and I was forced to take the stretchy jersey headband out of my hair and put it around my waist…

  11. Fanny says:

    I think my haircut for the first 13 years of my life was a faux paux…! My mom cut my hair into a bowl cut with hacked bangs. It was terrible!!!

  12. Ashley says:

    yaa… I once wore overalls with pigtail braids! why did I think that was ok? :-P

  13. Jen S says:

    In jr high I had the most horrible taste in style, I followed “Blossom” and wore those huge hats with the flowers on them! Yep, scary! Even scarier looking at pictures now, my outfits didn’t match the hat!

  14. kookie says:

    tucked in T-shirt into jeans (that is ankle high and tapered) with a belt and …wait for it … cellphone holder. And I am a girl … I wonder why he’s not that into me.

  15. Jamie says:

    Seems I always find a fashion faux pas when I clean out my closet. Did I REALLY wear that bead studded, maribou trimmed holiday sweater? yikes.

  16. Eric says:

    I saw te girl in ugg boots in florida. scandalous

  17. Jessica T says:

    I have no sense of fasion, I am a walking faux pas. I tend to wear lots of ankle length skirts with whatever shirt I happen to grab. Often my husband’s freebies from work (he’s in I.T.) So I have sort of a Geek meets Little House on the Prarie look going on.

  18. melanie says:

    One word: 80’s. It was a whole decade of faux pas. The shoulder pads, puffy hair, I’ve done it all.

  19. Erica says:

    Ugh, when I wore scrunchies and those butterfly clips 24/7 as a kid. Yuck!

  20. Mallory says:

    during my late middle school years i only wore pink. it wasn’t good. it wasn’t good at all.

  21. Jasmin says:

    Uggs with shorts. Oh the travesty! Actually, Uggs with just about anything will cause my eyes to bleed spontaneously.

  22. gadgetgirlnz says:

    I still remember a day from the 1980s when I turned up for the 1st day of work at my first proper job. Wearing a hot pink tube skirt, electric turquoise tights, a white flannel shirt and shiny black winklepicker shoes. yeah, the 1980s have scarred me for life.

  23. redzipstar says:

    Looking back, I guess the fashion faux pas I cringe over the most is from the time we visited Santa Fe when I was 10 (in the 80s). My uncle works at a museum there and they had a bead loom workshop. I was so excited to make a skinny, multicolored, shoulder-length earring to sport for the summer. Oh yes – just ONE earring! Went well with my side ponytail.

  24. Carrie says:

    Ultramarine blue tights worn with shorts. I think I wore those for an entire semester. Glad my mom was somewhere else on the planet at the time…

  25. AmyK says:

    Mall bangs. Need I say more. The higher and stiffer the better. And I rocked those…for a long time.

  26. amandack says:

    Yeah, all of the 4th grade. I decided to do the hippie thing, then switched to grunge. So, I ended up wearing tie-dyed shirts with my father’s old army jacket or flannel shirt. Accessories included – pacifier necklace, troll earrings, slouched socks, and hideous tennis shoes.

  27. Lesley says:

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!
    As others have pointed out, my dress in the 80’s (as a pre-six-year-old) was just insanely awful. Slouch socks, banana clips–the list goes on. I remember my favorite outfit (which I’ll defend even though I know it’s awful) was a pair of white cowboy boots and a white faux fur coat; it was a baby country star outfit, really, but I still love it.
    I’ve made many, many mistakes since then, but my mom clearly gave me too much freedom in my young years!
    Thanks again!

  28. Lesley says:

    (I apologize, I don’t know if this is posting twice. If so, please delete one–thanks!)
    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!
    As others have pointed out, my dress in the 80’s (as a pre-six-year-old) was just insanely awful. Slouch socks, banana clips–the list goes on. I remember my favorite outfit (which I’ll defend even though I know it’s awful) was a pair of white cowboy boots and a white faux fur coat; it was a baby country star outfit, really, but I still love it.
    I’ve made many, many mistakes since then, but my mom clearly gave me too much freedom in my young years!
    Thanks again!

  29. kc says:

    My entire time in catholic high school looked like a fashion(less) war zone. Needless to say, it was something between mtv’s Daria and a bag lady, all with wednesday adams long hair. Thankfully I managed to turn it around to something in the realm of Joan Holloway

  30. Kerry says:

    Where to start…!
    Well, the 90’s were not that kind to me. I recently found a picture of my younger self wearing the most horrible “Mum Jeans”. I was also very much into dungarees. My favourite pair were white denim printed with red and purple roses. Nice.

  31. erintaylor says:

    oh the younger years – the fashion experiments…
    what about that time i wore a red poncho as a skirt & the white sweatshirt with hideous buttons & bows. and i thought i was rockin’…or what about those 80s hideous one piece outfits that were tank tops, with sleeve, shorts with skirts, horrible pink & neon green colors…oh man i thought i was bad ass…
    and yes, those were my favorite outfi – er faux pas, that i would rock. all. the. time.

  32. Jenny says:

    What I love the most about each decade of style is when people own it. I love when people get really into the style of the times. The Sixties and Seventies Hippies and bellbottoms and leather fringe vests. The eighties with bright colors, spandex, big bangs, and high top shoes. The Nineties gave grunge, flannel, and combat boots. Each had their own signature style, not matter how goofy we may have looked, at least we owned it. I would love to win this book!

  33. poplin says:

    Like many, my fashion faux pas was centered in the 80’s–even though I was only six at the close of the decade! I remember slouch socks, banana clips, off-the-shoulder oversized sweatshirts, etc.
    My favorite outfit as a kid–and the worst–was not a product of the decade, but more likely a product of growing up in a rural, country-music-ish area: white cowboy boots and white faux fur coat. (I still love that outfit, though, and would recreate it in a second, even though I know it’s objectively awful!)
    I’ve made many, many mistakes since then, but I was just unpresentable back then. My mom must have really loved me to be seen next to me.

  34. poplin says:

    Okay, I’m very, very dumb and commented three times: once registered as poplin, twice under the anonymous (real) name Lesley. Apparently I couldn’t figure out the very basic fact that new comments went to the TOP.
    Obviously I don’t want to cheat and enter three times, so please delete two of them. (Or all of them for being so dumb, honestly.) I’m sorry to create more work for you!

  35. Joanna says:

    This book looks great. Hopefully I can make it up to SF next week. I think my biggest fashion faux pas was back in grade school, when i had matching leggings as my sister that we would color-coordinate with turtlenecks. Hopefully we were wearing a skirt over those leggings too, but I just can’t remember – either way, not the cutest thing.

  36. Dawn Sokol says:

    I would love to win this book! My fashion faux pas was definitely in the 80s. I look at photos of myself and think “could my hair be any BIGGER?” It’s got to be 3 ft. high!

  37. sallyanna3 says:

    High school was a bad fashion time for me. I wore a cowboy hat, pearl necklace, jeans, and a t-shirt on a regular basis for an extended period of time. Yeesh.

  38. MaggieBelize says:

    My own fashion faux pas are legion, but at this moment I’m cringing to think of my early sewing efforts – for my high school boyfriend! I made him a pullover vest in cherry red polyester. Poor guy! He was such a sweetie that he actually wore the awful thing.

  39. amy beth says:

    One day, at work, I was getting into the elevator to go to lunch with the big boss. He looked me up and down and said “are you trying to start a trend?” I said “what do you mean?” and he looked down at my feet.
    I put on two different shoes, and had worn them all day and had not noticed. At all. Oops.

  40. Gretchen says:

    My entire 8th grade year was a faux pas.
    I wore camoflague pants that belonged to my 20 year old male cousin with an XXL Beatles tee-shirt (I’m still only an adult sm)
    BUT I believe the biggest faux pas would be tapered jeans that I tapered even more by pinning them tight around my ankles along with an oversized button up shirt that my mom made for me with fabric emblazoned with Bugs Bunny’s head all over. Yeah, I was cool.

  41. Melissa says:

    my fashion faux pas was from the 90s… wearing shiny black tights or pantyhose with skirts. so hideous! thanks for the opportunity.

  42. Cassandra says:

    In the 90’s, I definitely BeJeweled everything! My signature style was a bejeweled vest and matching hat. I loved it. Ew.

  43. david reno says:

    send it to brasil!

  44. Laura says:

    I used to wear oversized polar fleeces with stretch stir-up pants.

  45. Kerry says:

    I would say following whats trendy even if its not what my body type should wear. Learning how to dress my body with only parts of trends has made my fashion life so much easier!

  46. SashaSK says:

    In the third grade (during the ’80s) one of my favorite outfits involved blue and white vertically-striped knee-length denim shorts. As if those weren’t bad enough on their own, I would match them with two pairs of those extra big scrunch socks – one blue pair and one white – with my white Keds. My feet must have been so hot.

  47. Elaine says:

    A long time ago (1970s), I wore a pink bra under a white blouse. This was in the days before it was considered fashion forward to reveal your underwear.

  48. knitnfrog says:

    HA! I’ve been a walking fashion faux pas my whole life, as I’ve pretty much not paid much attention to what was “in” just what I liked and was comfortable.
    Growing up in a big family, we didn’t have the money to spend on the latest trends, so I didn’t even have that as an excuse. Some highlights included a homemade matching campshirt and pants set in a black and neon green/yellow/pink geometric pattern. I wore a LOT of dresses (mostly homemade, some by me, some by my mother or grandmother), some that were clearly out of season, or ankle-length skirts with a velvet bodice. The best is my senior year of high school, my photo id was taken while I was wearing a bright orange shirt under khaki overalls with Winnie-the-pooh on the bib, with my hair in pigtail braids. I was even “broken up with” by a friend in eighth grade, through a note folded into a “paper football” stuck in my locker, telling me I dressed weird. Superficial, eh?

  49. Sarah L. says:

    I was pretty experimental when I was younger (as are many). I think the grand prize goes to the time I wore a long-sleeved, tunic length, baby-pink pajama top with Barbie and the Rockers on the front, white tights, and ankle boots to school. I must have been about 8 years old :-)

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