LVL1’s MOTHER Automates the Hackerspace

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LVL1’s MOTHER Automates the Hackerspace

Louisville’s hackerspace LVL1 is working on a home automation setup for the space, and they call it MOTHER. Using open-source home automation software called HOLOS, the capabilities include:

* Monitoring of LVL1 Space Occupancy & Zone Occupancy
* Measuring of “Hacktivity Levels” of each Zone
* Monitoring of individual member occupancy
* INSTANT WOMP MODE! (dubstep everywhere at the press of a button)
* Notifications of “Abnormal” hacktivity levels
* Monitoring of various websites and notifications of LVL1 mentions
* Various “Nagging” (Take out the trash, It’s cold please shut the door, I haven’t seen you in 3 days, please come visit your mother, etc…)
* “Member Scenes” – Auto setting of audio, lights, etc.. based on specific members present
* Logging and Graphing of ALL data
* Voice recognition and communication
* Control of Lighting and appliances
* Security System monitoring and notification of alerts
* Phone calls and emails based notifications
* Google Talk communication with AIML chat integration

This is a really fascinating project and I look forward to seeing how it develops.

14 thoughts on “LVL1’s MOTHER Automates the Hackerspace

  1. Boo says:

    The past tense of fit is fitted.

  2. lobath says:

    Should have gone with the Venture Brothers automation system M.U.T.H.E.R. Just don’t give it access to nuclear weapons..

  3. beardy241 says:

    WOMP mode?

    1. John Baichtal says:

      Triggers dubstep.

      1. beardy241 says:


        Thx. :)

  4. elbsightz says:

    Whoa. MOTHER detected this blog post and forwarded it to the LVL1 mailing list:


  5. Holly H. says:

    So glad I live in a city cool enough to have LVL1 and their MOTHER.

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