Make a trippy RGB light with Mitch Altman in Providence, RI

Make a trippy RGB light with Mitch Altman in Providence, RI


Mitch Altman (inventor of the TV-B-Gone and Brain Machine) will be at this month’s DC401 meetup to talk about community building and show you how to mod a MiniPOV into a trippy RGB light. If you’re in or near Providence, this is not to be missed! John Duksta posted the details on the DC401 blog:

Date/Time: 14 Jan 2008 – 1700-1900

Location: AS220, 115 Empire St, Providence. Directions

The Trippy RGB Light is made from hacking a MiniPOV kit. It’s quick to build, which is good given our short window at AS220. It’s also versatile. When you take it home, you can re-hack it into a Brain Machine, a Solar Bug Bot or an open source TV-B-Gone.

Mitch will be talking on Community Building, something we’ll need to do a fair amount of if we want the hacker space to get off the ground and prosper.

Since we’ll be doing a workshop, we’ll need get started a little earlier, so be at AS220 at 1700 if you want to take part in the workshop. We’ll get the talk going sometime around 1800, as usual. If you want to do the workshop, post a comment on the site and include your email so I can send you a confirmation. I’ll do a bulk buy of the MiniPOV kits and extra LEDs and you all can pay me back at the meeting.

DC401 January 2008 meetup – Link

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