Make: Day aftermath

Make: Day aftermath

I just got back from the Science Museum of Minnesota where the second Make: Day has concluded. Make: Day is kind of a mini maker faire, with all sorts of fun projects displayed for museum-goers. Last year’s event was partly a promotion for Make: Television but this one didn’t really have a clear Maker Media connection. Nevertheless, I showed up with some copies of MAKE Magazine, a few Make books, a bunch of buttons to give out and some BrushBots to show off. I really enjoyed interacting with the visitors, nearly all of whom brought their kids along. Everyone loved the BrushBots and the books and magazines provoked a ton of questions and comments. I’m super tired but had a great time!

Did you attend Make: Day? Drop a comment and let us know your favorite part.

(Sorry about the iffy pic, I didn’t have time to shoot many photos!)

10 thoughts on “Make: Day aftermath

  1. John Park says:

    Wish I could have been there this year!

  2. jwink says:

    This was my second year and had the whole family there: wife, 7-year-old daughter, and 4 year-old son. We had a blast! Loved the squishy circuits, folding curves, marker robot (?), tactile metronome, and tons of other exhibits. We tried to visit every one, but spent much of our time chasing the two kids from table to table. Definitely a good chance to get the kids interested in making things – and then doing just that!

  3. radioactivedog says:

    Really enjoyed the show. Thanks for the buttons. Don’t forget about Unity.

  4. Make: television says:

    The fact that this event was well attended with beautiful weather outside, and Father’s Day is a testament to the Twin Cities’ awesome DIY scene. We all should be proud and excited!

  5. Glenn McDavid says:

    I went there with my wife and my foster daughter. We had a great time. I posted about it at and

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