Make Your Own Kitchen Tools

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Make Your Own Kitchen Tools

We’ve talked a lot at Make: about the pride and sense of accomplishment one feels when using a tool in the shop that you made yourself. As any maker knows, it’s an unmatched feeling.

One “shop” we spend a lot of time working in where it might not occur to us to fashion our tools for is the kitchen. Imagine if you took the time to learn knife-making and made your own chef’s knife. How great would it feel to use such a critical tool that came from your own hand? Or to cook on counters that you made yourself? Or even to just make your coffee every day in a drip stand you made?

Here are some of the kitchen tool projects that we’ve covered on Make: over the years.

Jimmy DiResta Makes a Kitchen Knife

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In this episode of DiResta, Jimmy crafts a kitchen knife from a piece of oil hardening tooling steel.

Make Your Own Ulu Knife

kitchen toolsWoodworker David Picciuto fashions a gorgeous Alaskan ulu knife from some stainless stock and a few pieces of wood.

Universal Knife Block

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A wooden box and a few packages of bamboo skewers are all you need to build your own universal knife holders. Even when we had a knife block years ago, the knives we actually had didn’t necessarily fit the block. No issues with that here.

Making Cooking More Fun by Adding Power Tools

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In this project, Jason Smith shares four simple and fun ways that you can use a cordless drill to aid you in everyday cooking tasks. So put on your tool belt and your chef’s hat and get cooking.

3D Printing Around The Home: The Kitchen

kitchen toolsThere are an increasing number of actually useful tools for the kitchen that you can 3D print. In this roundup, we look at some of our favorites, including cheese slicers, garlic press, spaghetti measurer, and juicer.

CNC Drip Coffee Stand

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Create your own drip-brew coffee stand out of hardwood using a CNC router and a simple, elegant design template.

Make Custom Plexiglas Drawer Organizers

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If you have odd-shaped drawers, odd-shaped tools, or otherwise have special drawer organizer needs, you might want to consider making your own. In this Weekend Projects video from 2009, Kip Kay shows you how.

Install a Penny Countertop

kitchen toolsReplace your old, boring counter surface with a cool, durable, and cheap new countertop made from pennies… thousands and thousands of pennies.

How-To: DIY Hanging Pot Rack

kitchen toolsBuild a DIY hanging pot rack in custom colors to match your kitchen decor.

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