Make: NYC Meeting

Make: NYC Meeting

Make: NYC Meeting 8 – Tuesday October 21st, 7:00 PM
While Christmas marketing has already thoroughly overran Thanksgiving and is fast approaching, we in makerland are gearing up for the greatest maker holiday of the year. Halloween is that special time when it’s okay to be crazy, and odds are, the local police forces will not freak out as your creations run amok. It’s also one of the few times of the year when you can dress yourself in fake wounds and not earn the ire of friends and loved ones. So we’ll be taking advantage of that and giving an introductory course in the art of flesh wound creation using makeup.

Additionally, we’ll have a presentation on things that can be done to clock work to make awesome creations chained to the lockstep march of time.

Show and Tell
Meet your fellow NYC Makers and show off your creations! Bring your gadgets, gizmos, sketches, ideas, anything you’d like to put in the spotlight. We encourage NYC Makers to collaborate on and discuss DIY projects. If you’re planning to bring a project, drop us a note at

If you’d like to attend we have plenty of space for everyone, but please RSVP!

NYC Resistor, 5th Floor (Google Map)
397 Bridge Street between Fulton Mall and Willoughby
Brooklyn, NY 11201

A/C/F to Jay St-Borough Hall
B/Q to Dekalb Avenue
M/R to Lawrence Street
2/3 to Hoyt Street

Make: NYC


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