Make:NYC meeting 2-26-09

Make:NYC meeting 2-26-09


Make:NYC Meeting 11 – Thursday February 26th, 6:30PM


We got a great new space for our twelfth meeting! Let’s see if we can fill it!

Lab: I’m on a motherf&*%ing BOAT!

Build yourself a boat using composite techniques! See if you can set sail without going down to Davey Jones’s Locker. We’ll give you all the goods, you impress us with your handiwork. Sound like a deal?

Show and Tell

Meet your fellow NYC Makers and show off your creations! Bring your gadgets, gizmos, sketches, ideas, anything you’d like to put in the spotlight. We encourage NYC Makers to collaborate on and discuss DIY projects. If you’re planning to bring a project, drop us a note at

If you’d like to attend we have plenty of space for everyone, but please RSVP!


Bug Labs
598 Broadway at Houston
4th floor
New York, NY 10012

6/B/D/F/V to Bleeker-Lafayette
R/W to Prince

A new NYC-based hacker group, HTINK, has a day of workshops coming up for the electronically curious – perfect for those looking for a some orientation in the Arduino world. There will be workshops on controlling LEDs and using motors and sensors, along with the freeduino build workshops.
Check it out here:

Meeting time is 6:30PM.

See you there!

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