Makers and Shakers Inspire at Hardware Innovation Workshop

Makers and Shakers Inspire at Hardware Innovation Workshop
Carl Bass, CEO of Autodesk, showing the 3D printed model of his son’s teenage head. The empty head opens up so that you can put stuff in it.

The first MAKE Hardware Innovation Workshop wrapped up this evening. Featuring over 30 of the most well-known innovators in the MAKE space, the event found a perfect home in the storied garden-roofed research facilities at PARC Xerox. As one of the speakers commented, this was probably the first time that all of these path-breaking makers had shared the same stage. Some takeaway notes and tweets from the event:

  • “Create more value than you capture.” – Tim O’Reilly
  • “The challenge going forward is: How do we retain the sense of community that we’ve built together while grown as companies?” – Limor Fried
  • “If you can’t meet the boss on your first visit to the factory, the factory is too big for you.” – Bunnie Huang’s advice to maker pros.
  • “Arduino is the Linux of the maker movement” – Dale Dougherty
  • “Inexperience is a great Innovator” -Liam Casey, PCH International
  • “If your Arduino smells really bad, it’s a Chinese knockoff!” – Massimo Banzi, Arduino
  • “We need to make the people here heroes outside this room” – Tim O’Reilly
  • “It doesn’t happen that often when you see a wave starting to break” – comment from the audience (the sense of riding that wave, and feeling like you’re standing in the middle of something important, was palpable)
  • “Want to invest in driving education? Start with screwdrivers and work your way up.” – Dale Dougherty
  • “I think today will be recognized as a day when we all realized this is an entrepreneurial movement. And a revolution.” – Tim O’Reilly
  • “Be able to say no in 60 seconds by knowing if it is true to your theme.” -Brad Feld, The Foundry Group
  • “When you stop learning how to make things, you stop learning how to advance as a country” -Jay Rogers, Local Motors
  • “To quote Capote… A good time was had by all [incl. us! we are working on the future of manufacturing, mass customization, etc.] -PARC Xerox

Massimo Banzi, Co-Founder of Arduino

Ayah Bdeir, founder of littleBits

Catarina Mota, co-founder of openMaterials
Catarina Mota, co-founder of openMaterials

Dale Dougherty, of MAKE, interviews Liam Casey, CEO of PCH International

Eric Stackpole of OpenROV

Nick Pinkston, founder of CloudFab

Jay Rogers, of Local Motors, and Mark Frauenfelder, Editor-in-Chief, MAKE

[Photos by Gregory Hayes]

10 thoughts on “Makers and Shakers Inspire at Hardware Innovation Workshop

  1. mauimaker says:

    I was able to watch a few speakers today via live streaming. Each was inspirational and several prompted me to immeadiate action. Thank you for providing that stream!!

    Now I am *really* psyched up for The Faire.

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  3. Paul Lundquist says:

    I certainly hope you will put up significant video from the Hardware Innovation Workshop. Please let us know when, where & how we in the hinterlands can view a bit of the proceedings. Thank You!

  4. Haytham says:

    Here here! Would love to see those videos of the workshop, and I’m hoping you’ll do a similar workshop in New York.

  5. MAKE | Thoughts on the 7th Annual Maker Faire says:

    […] Adafruit!). Skylanders is now one of the best-selling video games in the world. (See some of my takeaway notes from the Hardware Innovation Workshop.) * The distance between imagination and physical expression […]

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