More Paint-by-Number Murals


Yesterday I posted about this lovely paint-by-number mural painted in a child’s nursery. Ohdeedoh has a great interview with another paint-by-number mural artist, Curtis Robertson. He covered most of a room with an intricate paint-by-number design for his niece’s son’s bedroom. The in-progress pictures show just how much detail work goes in to a project like this. The results are more than worth it, don’t you think?

4 thoughts on “More Paint-by-Number Murals

  1. andreea says:

    hi! my name is andreea and i m artist painter too! i just come to london and i found a job but they ask for reference from bona-file firms in the art business?. do you have any ideea how can i get this?
    thank you!

  2. pedro mora says:

    companies are reluctant to give references as they do not trust what you may use their references for, you must get to know someone in the business well enough that trust you and are willing to vouch for you and if you manage to get that then is worth more than money, people confuse references by saying what work they have done in the past but have no references to prove it, so try before you leave a job at least to get a letter of commendation that may help you to get the job you may be after, hope it helps!

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