The Netflix Halloween Doorbell Tends to Trick Or Treaters So You Can Relax

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The Netflix Halloween Doorbell Tends to Trick Or Treaters So You Can Relax
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Netflix has been absolutely rocking with their DIY projects lately. They’re back with a new project just in time for Halloween. They call this the “Netflix Halloween Doorbell”. It’s a customizable device that puts on a show for trick-or-treaters and directs them to the candy… so you can just keep watching those spooky halloween night movies!

Netflix discovered that pause rates spike every Halloween as movie watchers get up repeatedly to hand out candy to costumed ghouls and goblins looking for treats. This project aims to keep you immersed in your movie by allowing your candy-hungry neighborhood kids to help themselves, a bit more creatively than a simple bowl and sign.

Here is how it works: The Netflix Halloween Doorbell is hung right over your existing doorbell, temporarily hiding it from trick-or-treaters. Makers can customize their device with 3-D printable  frames inspired by their favorite Netflix shows—including Stranger Things. As trick-or-treaters approach the house, a proximity sensor in the doorbell triggers the theme song from your chosen Netflix show. Pressing the doorbell initiates a scream from that show’s characters and reveals a customizable message to trick-or-treaters on an LED display screen.

Check out the full set of instructions for the Netflix and Scream Doorbell on the MakeIt site, where you can also download audio files with music and sound clips from Netflix shows and zip files with doorbell frame design templates.

This project is brought to you by Netflix.

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