Pirate Day greetin’s to the lot of ye

Pirate Day greetin’s to the lot of ye

Aye, was a stale fall morn much like this … out on swell’d waters, me crew grew restless – even length tween home an port. Thar bein’ no manner of ale nor foe in sight, we went about scrapin’ the holds fer parts an took to a bit of makin’ an the like –

HOW TO be makin’ a sturdy pirate-style cannon

Aye, a wee bit fancy now eh? Paper Pirate Hat Panache

Diy Eyepatchbig
Oh now, ye can never have enuff of o’ these – Make a pirate eye patch for your kids or masquerade (er when ye lose yer eyeball!)

Fer help in strategizin’ those … err … ‘special events’ – Pirate Plunder! Design and Plan a Costumed Raid

But should ye find yerself needin’ navigation fer proper way-o-speech – avast, Ol’ Chumbucket and Cap’n Slappy are at the ready.

If that don’t fill yer sails, set yer nets out to this ‘ere Pirate Speak contraption.

And what manner o officiality be this? Would seem ye mighty google even thought us seafarin’ folk worthy of translation!

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