Roboexotica Action Begins


Roboexotica Opening Night

Roboexotica opened last night with the best party ever. 40 gallons of alchohol were spilled, the fire department was called in and a good time was had by all. Roboexotica showcases innovative coctail robots from around the world. It’s also a great excuse to get some daring and innovative minds in the same room to drink with robots! Shown above is an evil bunny robot that pours bunny blood with or without alcohol depending on your evil or good status.

Finished RR Shotbot

My Reprap shot glass making robot, R.R. Shotbot, is physically complete, but has performance anxiety. It may be haunted. I’ll post a Weekend Project Video to get you started on your own reprap later today.

A whisp of smoke emerged when we plugged it in, after a thorough check, we couldn’t find anything wrong and it appeared to be working fine. While testing the extruder, we managed to blow the thermistor and heated it up past 500F. We know because the JB weld started flaking off and that should be good past 500F… Nichrome wire works! Then the robot came alive. No kidding. While testing the thermistor we had the arduino controlling the steppers off, unpowered and unplugged and the z-axis starts going under it’s own mystery power. WEIRD!

All the robot-makers stopped by one by one while we were troubleshooting and agreed that this is normal robot behavior when presenting one in a public space. You can look forward to some great weekend projects coming up on how to make a Reprap robot! Flickr Set

On Sunday, I’ll be giving a presentation about my vision for a post-apocalyptic cyborg utopia.

Stay tuned to these bloggers to follow the action this weekend.

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