Steam Powered – California Steampunk Convention

Steam Powered – California Steampunk Convention

On Friday Oct 31 – Sunday Nov 2, 2008, Steam Powered – the California Steampunk Convention, will take place at the Domain Hotel in Sunnyvale, CA. Presenters and performers include Greg Broadmore, Senior Conceptual Designer at Weta Workshop, Jake von Slatt (Steampunk Workshop), Abney Park, the Brassworks Band, Ann and Jeff VanderMeer (Steampunk Anthology), Studio Foglio, and many others. I’m planning on being there as well. Friday night, Halloween, there will be a Victorian Ball and costume contest.

Steam Powered

4 thoughts on “Steam Powered – California Steampunk Convention

  1. bolig says:

    i don’t want to hate but will people please stop ruining antiques to adorn their computers and make gaudy half assed jewelry. this fad is neither steamy nor punk.

  2. laurelannehill says:

    To get in the mood for the California Steampunk Convention, visit my Red Room Author site and view a short slideshow (with audio): Steam without Steampunk (2472 Working Steam at the Speed of Light?) The pictures were taken at the Niles Canyon Railway.

    Laurel Anne Hill
    Author of “Heroes Arise,” a parable

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