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Super Smooth Scooter Bag
By Bernadette Noll and Kathie Sever
Future Craft Collective

Scooterbag Main
As I type this I can see the Atlantic Ocean out one window, the Empire State Building from another, and the full moon too. Visiting family in the motherland has got me feeling all sentimental for all of it — the places and the people too.
We at Future Craft Collective are on opposite coasts these next few weeks with Kathie out West and I in the East. Of course we’ll take in the sights at each shore, but it’s family and friends that serve as the main impetus — both immediate and extended. We’re kind of sentimental that way.
Our project this week is a bit sentimental, too, in its summer simplicity. And with its nod back to another time, it goes along perfectly with our returns to our childhood sights, sounds, and people. How lucky for us that these simple modes of transport have been modernized in their design but hearken back to days of old as well.
The scooter bag! Simple form and function that will hold your drink and your book in smooth style. Perfect for a ride on your favorite sidewalk — wherever that may be!


Milk jug
Vinyl event banner Castoffs and remnants available at your closest sign store or running store.
Tech athletic jersey
Sewing machine


Scooterbag Step1
Step 1: Cut a strip from the milk jug approx. 1″×14″. This will serve as boning for the top of the pocket.
Scooterbag Step2
Step 2: Cut 2 pieces of the vinyl banner 12″×12″ Round off the bottom as shown.
Step 3: Cut 1 piece of the tech jersey approximately 14″×12″. Round off the bottom to match the vinyl piece. This will be your front pocket.
Step 4: Double-fold down the top of your pocket to make a channel for the boning. Sew shut using about a ¼” seam allowance.
Scooterbag Step5
Step 5: Insert the boning and stitch it into place.
Scooterbag Step6
Step 6: Baste along bottom edge of pocket and pull gently to create small gathers.
Scooterbag Step7
Step 7: Fit and pin the pocket onto the front panel, sewing down a pocket divider about 2/3 across (or 1/3, depending on how you look at it). Bend the pocket openings as shown.
Step 8: Cut 2 pieces of tech fabric 18″×3″.
Scooterbag Step9
Step 9: Fold the good sides together and sew shut one end and the side. Turn right side out.
Step 10: Fold the strips in half end to end. Baste the strips onto the top front of the scooter bag, as close to the top as you can. They will hang down the front.
Scooterbag Step11
Step 11: Place the vinyl pieces good sides together — the pocket will be on the inside as will the ties. Be sure to position the ties so that they don’t accidentally get sewn in the seam. Pin.
Step 12: Starting at the middle of the side, sew almost all the way around, leaving an opening about 3″–4″. Be sure to catch all the pieces as you go around.
Step 13: Clip the inside corners and turn your piece right side out.
Step 14: Fold in the edges and topstitch all the way around. And finito! We’re talking some street cred, my friends!
Scooterbag Final
Come on back next week when we’ll work our bicoastal magic yet again for your very own Future Crafting pleasure.
About the Authors:
Future Craft Collective is brought to you by Kathie Sever and Bernadette Noll. Kathie is an accomplished seamstress, creator of Ramonsterwear Custom Western Wear, artist, and mother of two. Bernadette is a writer, co-founder of Slow Family Living, and mother of four. They have found renewed energy in their collaboration and are continuously amazed by the ideas, inspiration, and a-ha moments that have come from this shared effort.

6 thoughts on “Super Smooth Scooter Bag

  1. Edelweiss says:

    This is a terrific idea, can’t believe I never thought of it. Only wish I had. Now I do not have to worry about my kids being so dehydrated while they are out for hours in our western sun on those scooters of theirs.
    Thanks – glad I found your blog for this idea.

  2. liz says:

    my (barely) 2 year old can rock the scooter. he’ll be so excited for a little bag to carry all of his trains in while on the go!

  3. Daniela says:

    i’m in college and i think i’ll be using this bag often.
    i’m bringing a scooter to get around campus and it’s irritating carrying so much stuff. this will definitely make it easier! thanks!

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