11 Teardrop Trailer Builds to Inspire Your Haulable Home

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Teardrop campers are absolutely wonderful. They’re the tiniest of the trailers, sometimes even having a smaller footprint than a tent, but with all the amenities of a home. They are extremely popular not only because they can be relatively cheap, but they’re also fairly easy to build.

Before you set off on your journey to build the ultimate teardrop trailer, you’ll need some inspiration. Here are 11 trailer builds to give you ideas and tips for your build.

1930’s Style Teardrop Trailer Tutorial


When someone who has built airplanes gets inspired to build a teardrop, this is what you get!

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The Wyoming Woody


The gorgeous red finish on this Wyoming Woody make it stand out. It looks stunning driving around and would make any builder proud.

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Caravan Build

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This compact build has a 1960’s feel that looks super cozy.

Lithuanian Tiny Teardrop

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The round doors on this one look almost like a hobbit hole. What a fantastic build!

Full-Sized Teardrop

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On the larger side of teardrops, this one stands out due to the fantastic woodworking and cabinetry

Teardrop Camper

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This fun design has nice big doors for easily getting in and out.

Modern Design


Even though this is home built, the modern design and graphics make this look like it could be a professional job. We could imagine this rolling right off the lot!

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Pico Teardrop

pico teardrop trailer

This itty bitty teardrop is small enough to be pulled by a motorcycle.

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DIY Micro Camper


Sometimes that nice curved roof can see a bit daunting. If you’re not up for the challenge, here’s a square trailer that would work just as well.

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The Little Swiss Camper


Just like a Swiss army knife, but for camping!

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Teardrop from Scratch


Detailed images of the full construction of a nice little teardrop camper.

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After all of this, you’ll probably still have questions. There is a vibrant and helpful community of teardrop builders at the TnTT forums, just waiting to help you along in your process to have a rolling piece of art.

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