The annual You-Do-It electronics store Presidents’ Day sale

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The annual You-Do-It electronics store Presidents’ Day sale

You Do It 2007

(photo from Andy Ihnatko’s 2007 You-Do-It Sale Flickr set)

Andy Ihnatko writes about the annual You-Do-It Electronics Store Presidents’ Day Sale, which looks like a great opportunity to rummage for cheap, useful, and unusual electronics:

The Sale is a big day on the New England nerd’s calendar. And YDI is a special kind of electronics store. Put it this way: I needed to get my hands on a few 5V relays, LEDs, 555 timer ICs, power transistors, resistors and capacitors, terminal blocks, and a few project boards just a couple of days before I was to leave for Macworld Expo. In most areas of the country, this involves an Internet order and a two week wait. In eastern Massachusetts, it’s not even worth an atom of concern, old bean: you just swing by You-Do-It, right off of Route 128 in Needham.

But be warned–although the sale runs until February 21st, the good stuff will go fast:

…to get a shot at the good stuff in the Surplus Room you need to be there well before 6 AM. To be first in line, I’ve found that 11 PM is the latest safe choice.

Andy Ihnatko’s Celestial Waste of Bandwidth (BETA) » You Done It

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