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More fun continues with the recycled t-shirt theme!

Kristy writes:

I’ve noticed the crocheted t-shirt rag rug and the geek shirt patchwork blanket, and I thought I’d throw my old t-shirt craft into the ring. My best girl friends and I were very involved in extracurriculars in college, and one thing everyone knows is that you accumulate a LOT of t-shirts in college. After we graduated, I made the girls quilts out of their very favorite t-shirts from college. I sewed together 13″x13″ squares and backed the quilt with fleece with Marshall University emblems from my local craft store. Then, I took the ‘easy way out’ by quilting it by using square knots where all the squares meet. Link.

2 thoughts on “T-Shirt Quilt

  1. maizehutton says:

    Made one of these about 15 years ago from t-shirts received at various running events.

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